These are the rules for the forums and the website in their entirety.

1. Keep it civil. No name calling, profanity of any kind, rude comments, or flaming each other.

2. Remain on topic. Moving away from the topic with the intent to return to it is fine as long as that intent is stated. However, if you want to branch off into a new discussion, please create a new topic.

3. No personal questions what-so-ever, no exceptions. The forums and comments are about the topics being discussed, not the people discussing them. Let’s not make people uncomfortable here.

4. No advertising. Referencing something is fine, but please do not simply comment or create a reply or topic simply to advertise.

5. This is a community created to discuss topics in a mature manner. So please refrain from short replies that do not add to the discussions.

Anyone found in violation of these rules will receive a warning, if you receive three warnings, then you will be banned. You can reduce your warning count by writing an apology in the topic and thread you were in when you broke the rules.

If however, we find that you are abusing the apology system, then you will be given one final warning stating that we are aware of what you are doing and to cease and desist. Once given this final warning any rule you break from that moment on will be punished with an immediate ban.

Bans have no expiration date, once you are banned, you’re done. You can potentially have the ban removed, if you write a full and formal apology to the admin’s e-mail ( The admin will then take your previous actions into account when deciding whether or not to undo your ban. If the admin does undo the ban, then you have only one chance, any violation in the rules whatsoever will result in another immediate ban. Second bans are permanent, no matter how well written or thought out the apology is, the ban will not be undone.

Since we can’t be on 24/7 and are bound to miss something, please help build and keep this community shining by policing yourselves.

Thank you for your time.